Infectious disease test menu

Infectious disease test menu

VolenteDx offers a comprehensive menu of tests for a wide range of infectious diseases, and the list is constantly expanding as we proceed through additional research and approvals.

The Antibiotic resistance DX™ panel focuses on the 12 most important markers of resistance among pathogens, helping physicians personalize treatment to avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective antibiotics.

Tick-borne pathogens like Lyme often go untreated because of the difficulty in diagnosing symptoms that resemble those of other conditions. Our proprietary test for CNS & Vector-borne™ diseases facilitates more rapid diagnosis and treatment.

VolenteDx’s GI panel includes Gastro Dx™, created to identify a broad range of pathogens responsible for infectious diarrhea. This is not only a common complaint among patients seeking medical attention, but also one of the world’s leading causes of illness and death.

Our respiratory panels provide a variety of tests that enable physicians and clinicians to determine effective treatments without the burden of unnecessary prescriptions. Tests include Respi Dx™ and Respi Dx Peds™ for acute respiratory infection in adults and children, Eye ENT Dx™ for pathogen detection in the eyes-ears-nose-throat, Respi STI Dx™ for STDs affecting the upper airway and throat, and Respi Immuno Dx™ for lung infection in those who may be immunocompromised.

For patients affected by UTI, offerings include the UTI STI Dx/UTI Dx™ test, the Women’s Health Dx™ panel and the Men’s Health Dx panel™. Each one enables fast, accurate detection of pathogens and microorganisms along with identification of possible bacterial antibiotic resistance, allowing for a more rapid and effective treatment plan.

Treatment of acute and chronic wounds, regardless of their location, is facilitated by VolenteDx’s selection of tests including Wound Dx™ to analyze bacterial and fungal organisms, Wound Nail Dx™ for use by podiatrists, and Wound Surgical Dx™ for infections following a surgical procedure. All are designed to help avoid unnecessary antibiotic prescribing and other adverse events.