Molecular Technology Platform

Molecular Technology Platform

VolenteDx offers the most advanced molecular-based microbial testing available, which we deliver through a proprietary technology platform that performs detection, determination, analysis, and treatment guidance for providers and physicians.

This best-in-class platform includes:
- Real-time PCR detection
- Infectious disease knowledge base
- Integrated decision-support software
- Pathogen analysis reporting engine
- Actionable therapeutic guidance 

We enable providers and physicians to evolve care in order to more effectively treat their patients and improve outcomes. This is accomplished through rapid and accurate molecular analysis of pathogens DNA and RNA and further identifies the pathogens’ genetic antibiotic resistance capabilities. VolenteDx has developed 17 panels to cover every major infection site and specimen. VolenteDx is the only lab that partners with infectious disease-trained PharmDs to develop a therapeutic plan for each patient, offering physicians valuable insights and guidance as they develop their treatment plan. 

How do providers benefit?

Our molecular diagnostic platform dramatically reduces the chance for errors in specimen collection, handling, stability, and time to analyze. According to the guidelines set out by the American Society for Microbiology, microbiological interpretation depends entirely on the quality of the specimen submitted for analysis. Specimen management directly affects patient care and patient outcomes, influences therapeutic decisions, impacts hospital infection control, impacts patient length of stay, hospital and laboratory costs, and influences laboratory efficiency.

How it works

VolenteDx uses advanced Real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technologies to identify the microbes by extracting the microbial DNA within each sample. We not only identify the organism but also determine the precise number of microbes within the sample and identify antibiotic resistance gene markers.